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Milk intake
Lo not drinking a lot of milk, around 100ml per feed, 3 times daily. But is eating solids really well, 4 meals a day. Should i be worried?
Nope I think it’s fine
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Nope. I think your child is eating well
Yes 4 meals a day is a lot so don’t worry
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Depending on age. solids is impossible
Infant care meals
Hi all. Do you know what was given to your babies at infant care? I was told they only gave porridge once a day; rice cereal once a day and milk 2/3times a day. My son is 1yo and only drink 1 time m
Yes. It's the same for mine.
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Yes, most infant care has similar meals arrangements
Is cow’s milk filler than breast milk?
I started giving my 1yo son Marigold full cream cow’s milk. His intake is not as much as when taking in breast milk. Is cow’s milk filler than breast milk?
Packet cow’s milk is more filling than breast milk.
I believe it is.
Milk bottle alternatives
Hi all. My son is starting infant care next month, and I was told to bring milk bottles for feeding. Problem is; he was never bottle fed (direct latch since day 1). [Started with cup at 6m and straw a
Snippy cup
Snippy cup
Water bottle with straw. See your son centre allow anot.
Will baby overeat solid?
My son is 10m old. His appetite suddenly increased when he hits 9m. He will finish whatever is on his bowl. Do I give more food or limit to what he has? My cutting portion for him: 1 full small s
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No need to decrease nor increase his food portion. It’s good as it is...
Hey, I think it is fine. This is because of the growth phase of the child
It’s normal to have growth spurts like this. My LO too experienced it around this stage. :)
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I think this is fine. If he wants more you'll be able to tell. Just remember not to overfeed.
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May b growth sprout , let him eat healthy food than junk .. it should b ok .. check with his weight as can’t reach to obesity..
Peanuts for infant
Hi all. When do you introduce nuts to your baby? And in which form - eg. Peanut butter, oil, etc?
After 12 months
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After 1 year old. Introduced a small amount of peanut butter on bread first.
Good to check for allergies first.
18 months Peanut butter
After 1.5 years old
Hi all. Is it necessary to give treats to baby? Eg: Puffs, rusks, yogurt melts, etc
It’s honestly fine, but everything in moderation
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I can say rusk is fine .. to give
Not necessarily but good when their are teething or when u havent finish your meal
Not necessary.
Flying with a 9m old
I will be flying to Taipei with my 9m son soon. Anything I should prepare or take note of? Many thanks.
Don’t let your Son take nap for hours before the flight! Tire him out so he can sleep on the plane And also to feed him milk when plane takes off and land
Make sure u know how to locate for paediatrics clinic in case u need them
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Everything the mummies have mentioned. Don't forget your baby's favourite toys for entertainment and a couple of changes of clothes for the flight
Check if your airline has baby bassinets so baby can rest there during the flight. Please ensure you have all precaution medication for fever, thermometer, fever gel patch, Olbas oil for baby should b
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Everything that has been mentioned here! Plus a book wth lots of pictures and small pillow for comfort(: Safe travels!
Sick 7 month baby
Hi all. My son has fever + cough w phlegm + runny nose since Wed night. We brought him to the doctor on Fri morning. And today, Sun, his fever had subsided. Appetite is back, not as much as before but
It might be because he has cough and phlegm. Continue monitoring baby’s fever , it will take a few days until appetite is restored. Do make sure he’s well hydrated and give more of the solid food he l
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It’s because he is having phlum hence he is vomiting but it’s ok .. it clears his chest , n use medication time to time let the dose should complete ... as much as he is healthy n happy no need to bot
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Hi... it could be the medication and milk mixing together in tummy that caused him to vomit. Please try to stagger his feeding and medicine time to have a 3 hours interval. Monitor and situation doesn
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As long as he seems normal, nothing to worry about
Water for 6 month old
Hi all. My baby turned 6mth 2 weeks ago. I only gave him water during solid food feeding. Other than that, do i give him water every now and then, especially when we’re outdoor? Thanks
It’s ok to give water especially when you have been outside in the hot weather.
Yes, you can give small amounts of water.