You have a children. You know your husband is having affair. Would you give him a chance to come back to you or you divource him.

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I guess if you think you can be financially independent from him, and probably can get some family support from your family to help you with the kids, then I will suggest to divorce. Infidelity is my last straw. Life will never be the same again. What's the point of hanging on to an unhealthy relationship if you can't totally forget the cheating incident. Some people may stay together for the kids but it could be even more detrimental to their growing up process when they see how their parents interact with each other. My friend chose to forgive her husband but she gets paranoid when he husband is back home late or when she couldn't get him on the phone. I seriously don't think she is happy hanging on to the relationship but unfortunately, she has no support from her own family and she has two young kids (below 4yo), with another one due later this year. Plus, she doesn't have alot of savings, so she's not confident to bring up the kids in her own. As her friend, it pains in my heart to see her having to go through such things in her life. Hence, please assess your own situation before you make any decisions.

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I would say divorce if you can't handle the paranoid that comes with forgiveness. A quick exit can actually pave way to better co-parenting as wounds take time to heal. There are a lot of families that survive Infidelity. (victim can be man or woman) With the above said, don't be an parental alternator or use your kids to get money. Leave the kids out of this, if he wants to be an equal parent, come out with a reasonable custody arrangement. I want to stress cheating or unreasonable behavior are both adult issues. Don't bring the kids into it like some parents here that mix and mess up everything because they can't get along with their spouse. Those are the worst parent ever because a marriage breakup for multiple reasons but the kids are innocent and they deserve both parents. If you have kids together, is truly till death do us part.

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b4 going further punishing him...u shud ask urself y hes doing this to u? if u realize its ur mistakes den u change to become much better wife n ask for sure he too will realize hus mistake too.

why husband having an affair? is it something wrong with the marriage? think before act, otherwise regrets. no one is perfect. if there's nothing wrong, the other party will not go astray.

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It will see if he knows his mistake and is he willing to repent? secondly, even if i forgive him, it's for the kids sake. I will never look at him the same way again

I will consider other factors aside from the does he treat lo and yourself and how much does he contribute. Its not greener overattheotherend.

I will give him a chance. For the sake of my kid... But if he still the same, den no choice, I'll bring my kid and leave him!

Firstly sorry to hear that!! Have you already talked to him about this? Has he realised his mistake? Please share more info

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Explore all other avenues before considering divorce. Divorce could be nasty and messy especially if it involves children.

I'll give him a chance provided he is really remorseful n wants to repent. If not divorce for ur (and ur child) own good