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Any mummy out there able to accept husband have affair? You will pretend don't know and let him? Will talk about it, what if he deny it? Or just accept and let him do what he want just go on with life?

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Nah dont accept it. You go through pain for him by giving birth,losing your body figure after birth, losing your freedom taking care of the children. Actually u risk ur life giving birth. Your husband should appreciate u. You deserve someone better. Not the worth to sacrifice for a betrayer. Why would u wan to love a person that doesn't appreciate wat u are doing and having fun with someone else. I know bring the kid alone will be tough for u but dont worry u always have ur family. No need to confront with him and ask him is it true when u already know the answer. What for to ask? U will be even more hurt. I support you mate!🙏

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This does sound like a dilemma for you. There could be a mismatch of needs, hence the affair. Outright accusing your husband of one could make him more defensive. Let him know you're aware of the nuances you've noticed, and that you're worried he may be having an affair. Let him know your needs, and ask him what his needs are too. This conversation would give you what you need to work together on your marriage. Good luck! And big hugs!

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I will most definitely not accept it. Even if he initially denies, i'll go all out to make him confess and if he does, i'll make him choose what he wants. He cant shortchange me by getting the best of both worlds while im made like a fool. I strongly believe that any woman can survive and raise children without a husband like that. We need to remind ourselves that we are setting an example to our children.

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No way I can accept. I told my husband since day 1, if one day he were to have an affair, thats the end of our relationship regardless what's the reason.

Hi, I will not accept it. I will confront him and if he still says no , I will collect evidence and then will discuss about this with him straight

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I can’t accept. But it’s better to find out more before any rash action. It could be a misunderstanding

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Of course cannot accept. If allow him to continue might as well get a divorce:(

Collect Evidence 1st. Show proof and then talk to him...

I wont accept, i make sure i will take all his money

Definitely cannot accept for me!