Emtionally and physically abused wives, how do you manage the feeling of pity towards your husband despite him abusing you? You know it's time to leave the marriage but there's a feeling of responsibility because you know he has nowhere to go, no family to help him, if your marriage fails.

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You need and should talk to someone about this -- be it a professional counselor or a family member/friend. If you are on your own in this harrowing experience, chances are you will never leave because it's a vicious cycle of him abusing you, him saying sorry just as you are about to leave and you talking him back. It'll never end if you don't leave this vicious cycle. The first step is to have a third neutral party knowing what is happening. He or she will set your perspective straight and strengthen your resolve whenever you start to pity him. Remember, abuse is always wrong.

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In my book, anyone who periodically abuses his wife deserves no pity. I would stop thinking about him and start thinking about your future life without him