At what age would you give your children a phone?

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Hmm I planned on getting my 2 years old iPad though 😅 but its a kids iPad. Own preference, but if it's a "real" phone... I'll wait till my child turns 12 years old.

Given a chance after A levels. But even MOE doesn't give a chance to parents. From Sec 1 every project is with HP.

At Pri 6 onwards, but that also budget phone because nowadays generation very scary la

probably after 12 yrs old and starting with inexpensive phone.

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Maybe primary school onwards, a basic one for contact

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Preferably will wait until from primary 6 onwards.

I gave my kid a phone when he was 10 years old

P5 onwards, but a basic one with limited data

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When she is responsible for her own things.

Age 13 wen going to secondary school