Am I over sensitive or ?

When your in law pass comments like “he (your kid) don’t want you already” or “you don’t have to come back your son come back can already.” Hello is my son not yours him going back is a form of respect I can choose not to go back because I’m the one taking care of him most of the time. Isit just me or because of the things they did previously/say makes me dislike seeing or living with them.

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I feel like sometimes it can hurt but then , as of for me , i gave in and try to take it as a joke . It might be hard but because no matter what anyone says , my child is my child . I am her mother and nothing can ever change that . Saying those things from them , seems like it makes them happy . Maybe you should take it lightly and ignore that because , your child will always love you and wont be able to be without you as he/she knows you are the mother .

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I totally feel you. Usually once ur in laws make such unkind remarks to you, you tend to see them in a negative light. But remain objective as much as possible. And I also feel that your husband should take steps to correct his parents for these remarks (whether intentional or not) and not to repeat it again. It’s rude and uncalled for and makes living with them unpleasant.

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I would hate this kind of comment and would ask my husband to ask them to stop it. Otherwise I’d make plans to move out asap and not even bring my child to see them until they apologise/stop making unkind remarks. You don’t deserve this.

Ignore them. They didn't think with their brains before they talk 😉 No need to confront them leave it to your wife/husband to talk nicely with them. Prior to that Talk to your wife/husband nicely first.

My mil always make unpleasant remarks too. I've ignored some but my hb and i have told her off at times too. In this case I'd probably jokingly say "my son wont be coming if i am not"

If the remarks came off first few times, I will ignore them. But if the comments keep repeating, it'll definitely hurt me. That was so unnecessary

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This kind of remarks are totally uncalled for. I will consider having less contact with them as a family (son and i) if i were in the situation.

Totally them having a problem, not you. Insensitive and rude. Mine not much better either

Ignore if one time. Voice out if more than that.

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Talk to ur husband,let him talk to his parents