Dilemma to work or be a stay at home mum

Has any mum feel the same thing? I love the industry im in. But this year been crazeh. Have been like working 24/7 even on saturday sunday. My LO is not feeling well. And i cant took leave cause of the job and also leave left abit only. Haizhh... Seeing my lo so sick like that. Make me getting more sick withthis working environment. Have been thinking to be a stay at home mum ????

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Same but no income for myself

11mo ago

I feel u mama!

U can try to take a long leave to see if u can suitable home life

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Try and see if you can work from home or work a couple of days a week. Hopefully you have a understanding boss(:

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It’s a constant feeling. Try to seek for more flexible work arranagement from work especially since little one is young. I felt that we should hand in there and it will be better!

Anyway you can get a more accommodating job within the same industry? For me personally, family should take priority over career

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Discuss with your husband and family members and weigh the pros and cons

12mo ago

Ya we did. Now it is just the battle of me vs myself :(

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Why don't you do a pros cons list.. If you choose to be a SAHM, do you have financial means to do so? What your husband says about this?

12mo ago