stay home mum or working mum

Hi mummies, I have a question. If your husband is earning sufficiently with extra to save every month, will you be a stay home mum or working mum? And why?

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I guess it depends. In my view a working mum. Because, touch wood, if anything happens to the hubby, the mother has to take on the role as breadwinner and if she hasn't been working for years it can pose as an issue especially in Singapore. Plus it good to be financially stable on your own in case you want buy stuff for yourself and the baby and save up for your own future including your families. Sometimes whatever your hubby saves may not be enough. When you also save up and earn money, it builds your confidence since you worked hard to earn your salary and can still juggle a child in the mix of things. Another reason is because it isn't good to rely on the hubby especially if he is an abusive arse hole then your at his mercy. Though at times I wish I could be a stay home mum so I get to see my little girl grow up

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My husband earn sufficient & can save extra every month, he did offer me if I want to become stay at home but I still want to work so I can have extra cash on my own rather than depend on my husband. My mom also encouraged me to become financially independent because she did it herself (when I was a kid, both of my parents were working). I have personal experience from my closest family member where the wife is full time housewife for 14 years (never even work part time) , solely depend on husband income and one day, the husband cheating and left her. Their marriage end up just like that and the wife was so stressed because she never worked at all her entire life. Gave me so much things to learn.

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Hey mama, This is a great question and I truly believe that it’s different for every individual. Some mamas might be okay with being a SHM and they’ll feel fulfilled. Others may still need a career to feel whole and themselves. You need to sit and ask yourself what you want for yourself. It’s not about being selfish - it’s about being the best version of yourself for your family. No point if you choose being a SHM and being unhappy. Your family really won’t enjoy having you around then. Just my opinions and thoughts :)

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Never in a million years I thought I be a SAHM like now. Like many ladies here, I would have preferred to be working, in touch with society, financially independent from husband. But watching my LO growing up during maternity, hitting his milestones one by one, I just couldn't go back to work... I wanted to be there every step of the way and watch his marvellous journey 🥰

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A working mum due to personal experience where my dad passed away young and my mother brought us up single handedly. I feel women should not be fully dependent on the husband for financial and emotional needs. Even if you and your husband had good insurance/financial planning, you still need some form of emotional support which could come from your friends other than family members.

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Stay home so I can nurture my LO.myself cause no one can do it better and I would love to foster that bond. However, since we have that financial stability, I can do some small business from home without the stress. I prefer not to be 100% reliant on my hubby. I would like some financial freedom and independence.

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after giving birth and spending time with your kid you will know if you really like being a sahm or working mum. honestly speaking i find work more enjoyable for me. so it really depends on your own priority and preference. work do keep my sanity compare to caring for kid full day at home.

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I would be a stay at home mum at least for 3 years so that I can be with my baby and witness all the milestones. I will still send for playgroup and other classes to help with interaction and socialising skills when baby turns 18 months. I would have some me time too while baby is in class.

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My husband and I share all our money and we also believe that our kids should be raised by ourselves. So we decided that till the youngest child turns 7, one of us will stay home. In our case, my husband is the one. We have no regrets.

Part time work in my area of expertise to keep pace with changes and full time work once it is possible. It reduces stress of husband, knowing that he is not the only breadwinner as businesses and jobs can be volatile these days.