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Hi daddies, I need your opinions. If you have a job with good income every month 1) would you prefer wife to work or be a stay at home mum? If you choose stay at home mum, 2) would you expect your wife to be a very good house wife that could do everything for children and household especially after a tired working day? 3) would you admire other women with great career?

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FIRST OF ALL: RAISING CHILDREN IS A SHARED RESPONSIBILTY, whether your wife is a housewife or not. She's not a maid you see. If you have a good income every mth, it'll be best for her to be at home, THAT IS if she wants to. Because kids need their parents. It's best that parents raise them rather than the in laws or maid. Like you would prefer your kids to look after you when you are old rather than d old folks home ppl, right? Same logic. A life cycle. We dont make babies for others to care for them. It's our responsibility. Again, always discuss with your wife for all decisions. Need both heads and hearts to come to an agreement. Being a hsewife is much tedious especially with young kids. At wrk you'll have office breaks but not housechores, not when you hv young kids. It's 24/7. Thr's no specific break time. Thr's potty time, eating time, crying time, qauarelling with siblings time, and no time for your wife to even go to the toilet without worrying if the kids are ok, especially babies. Yes. SECONDLY: HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE WIFE. Why would you look at other women who have a better career? Why? Why must look at other ppl's goodness and being blind to see your own wife's good deeds, abilities and efforst to make the home a better place. It's also the husband's responsibility to take care of her well being. If she dresses like not to your liking, or in a mess, why? It's because she's handling stuff all on her own. Man has all the strength but not woman. She's strong at heart but may not have the muscles. Husband and wife need to work together as a team. Tag team. For eg, husband jz got bck from work and is feeling soo tired. But he sees that his wife has not finished with the hsechores, looking all tired too. He, with emphaty and love for his wife, would try to help together with the remaining chores so that they can rest togeher. The wife on the other hand if she have finished her chores, and is alil free on that day, and remembered that her husband has helped alot even when he is tired, she will with all the love and grateful for the husband would cook or prepare something her husband would love. Again, a life cycle. And when the children sees this, what do they learn from this? They will be soo happy that they are brought up in a caring, loving and thoughtful family. Another life cycle continues. LASTLY: COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO MARRIAGE. LOYALTY, LOVE AND CARE. FOR GOOD OR FOR BAD. BE PRESENT. BE KIND.

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Financial stability aside, i very much prefer my wife to go work. 1. I feel that working mums are sharper, doesn't lose touch with society. 2. Able to hold a conversation, rather than complaining about the kids and how i am never by their side. 3. Leadership qualities. Even if she is just working at MacDonalds she will have to communicate effectively with her colleagues. This skill can be brought home and impart to the kids and used to instruct the helper. I can't tahan if my wife start nagging away at me the moment i reach home. If i have the money, why not hire a domestic helper to take care of the kids.

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I'd love for my wife to have the option to work or stay at home and support her decision either way. Everything can be worked out.

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Exactly. Why is it the man's decision whether his wife should work or stay home? The wife should have total control of how she wants to live her life.

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Wife to be at work but there are some roles that allow wife to do part time or half work load. Those are good

See what she is comfy with, volunteer work is fine too

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There is working mom tax rebate for income tax too