Hello mummies, Anybody feels the same as me? Sometimes i feel so useless as a mother that i really wanna give him up for adoption to my mum. Cause he kept calling his “popo” and always looking for her instead of me. Ever since he was a baby, ive been the one taking care of him. But when i started working than my dad or mum would rotate to care for him after his childcare. Recently im not working, and staying at home most of the time. But he still keep going to my mum instead of me though im spending more time with him. I go crazy sometimes honestly. I would quarrel with them and even my boy. Idk whether is this a sign of depression or not as my family kept bringing this up and saying otherwise im just pure crazy. I dont feel happy most of the time, i love my boy, but its feels like he doesnt even love me as a mother. I can tell my entire family is so sick of my nonsense and it makes me even more helpless. I dont have friends or family to open up to. Not even my own husband.

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Hi dear.. I went back to work after ML for my first daughter. My husband was a stay at home dad, and he would also be at my in laws’ place every day. What you’re feeling now.. I went through that too. I was really sad. I kept saying, “She doesn’t want me.” But when my daughter got a little older, I created a bond with her and memories that no one else shared with her. Now, my daughter loves spending so much time with me (I’m staying at home for the time being to take care of her and her sister), so much so that sometimes I can’t even get a break 😂😂 What I’m saying is.. things will change. Your relationship with your child will keep changing too. So just keep loving him and don’t be jealous of the rest of your family members, because no one can take your place as his mummy ❤️ Let me know the day when you feel that he’s calling for you too many times 😉

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I feel you mummy. Sometimes I just feel like giving up job to take care of my baby full time. Heart broken to see him preferring other people than me. I take care of him since his birth but soon I have to return to work. Feel so heavy hearted to left him to others. I hope you don't stop loving your boy. One day when he grow bigger, they will know that you're the mother and will start loving you more than anyone else. Trust me that time he will stop wanting popo. This happened to my nephew. Cheer up mummy😘

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Firstly, I wanna tell you that you’re really doing a good job, and your child preference to his grandparents isn’t a good indication of how bad or how good you are as a mum. He loves you. Definitely. I hope you can speak to someone. Please feel better soon!!!

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