Stay At Home Mum Or Working Mum?

Mums, do you prefer to be a stay-at-home mum or a working mum?

Stay At Home Mum Or Working Mum?
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I prefer being a working mum. Honestly, I’ll go mad if I stay in the house too long and doing the same thing over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I always look forward to coming home to my LO and enjoy every moment with her. I also want to earn my own $ coz I also support my older daughter (12) and elderly father back home in the Philippines.

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I prefer working if I want a bit of freedom and not over worry too much but to accompany them in their growth and taking charge of their everything stay home mom still great but do get update on the latest news and outside world so stay home mom will be more knowledgeable too.

I prefer to SAHM.... no need to deal with alot of stress at work place. However, financially doesnt allow me , i cant depend on my husband alone. Everyday forcing myself to go to work although I am not happy with my work place and colleagues.

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If financial allow, of course i will love to be stay-at-home. It’s really awesome, get to witness every moment of the baby growth and milestones. And working at home at the same too. To keep myself mentally healthy and updated with the society.

Working, my husband is a atay home daddy. My pay not high, is because of my lo. I can't bare to let her go infant care. My husband also need to take care of his mother, he is taking pt work

If financially capable. I prefer to be stay at home mom until my baby turned 3-4years old. So I can take care, focus on her and witness all her milestones. Then after I can go back to work.

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I prefer to be a working mum with both childcare and domestic helper at home:), and also longer maternity leave so that I could extend breastfeeding time with baby a bit longer.

Stay at home mummy for the first few years, as baby grow really fast and i want to stay by their side with every milestones they made.

Omg, I hope this qn is also posed to dads. It would be sad if we assume that such options are open only to mums and not dads.