My husband is the eldest and the only son

So he has to cater all the responsibilities for his family which for my mother in law and sister in law, sometimes to the point that he couldn’t support me as his wife bcs the money spent more for his family, sometimes we don’t have enough money to eat or go to work. His dad is also working but couldn’t provide much for all. I’m also working and I have to carry the responsibility to earn more money so we can survive. There are times that i feel so tired and angry with all of these bcs I do two works just to support more. What do I do? I love him and his family, but sometimes i feel unimportant and set aside. Sometimes i feel he priors his family more than me. Is this something that I should be okay about? Do I really have the right to feel upset about this? I don’t wanna be a bad person, but I want a better life.

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I suggest you both to communicate and understand one another. As a wife, probably you can help to remind him that the main responsibility of a husband is towards his wife. This is based on Islam. Nafakah is to be prioritised to the wife, kids and then his mum/family. His mum has her own husband that should takes care of her. His father is responsible for the mum’s expenses etc. It’s not wrong for your husband to give some money to the family and it is such a good deeds, but he must remember that his first priority is to the wife. If he gives it enough for you, and he has extra, then he can always give some to the mother as well. Communicate with him. Get the mutual understanding. Maybe on his side, there’s anything he wanted you to understand as well. So, yeah probably try to communicate and understand each other first. Then discuss for the best solution among you both 💖

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1)talk to him about this even it is hard and how awkward it is 2) he should know who need him the most since his dad is working too 3) make him aware of his responsibility without burden u up

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yup.. u r right. btw, he is not the only 1 child of your family in law. the one n only son cant be the excuse for other sibling 2 let him carry the responsible by himself.

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Hi, money wise should be prior to the wife. Not his family anymore. He can spend money on his family but make sure the wife gets her part first.