My husband never give me money and rarely buy things for me except during our engagement. but i earned more than him. most of the things in house were bought by me. at the end of the month, i am the one that suffered not enough budget. he still got his own money and sometimes i think having good income will make you more poor lol . cause you are the one that will spend more than one having lower income. ? what should i do?

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Hi mummy. I think having a joint account where both of you put in a fixed amount for monthly expenses is the answer. That way, each can have his/her own money, and at the same time, contribute to the monthly expenses proportionate to your incomes.

U need to ask for it..he needs to know about responsibility..if not u will suffer forever..ask for it every month..doesn't matter if it just rm100 or rm200..that's for ur allowance..