Last night i have some arguments with my family. Feeling so down so i decide to call my husband at Perak. Never expect from just small talks about my feelings it turn out big issues. He become mad at me and he said i am the one who trouble with people around me. That night he claim me make him so stress and he just end our conversation by telling me that he will just call his mom to make he feel calm better than me. It makes me cry so hard. In one night i feel so burdened with my family and husband. However, after cry i get back my strength to stand and face all this mess for my baby. I pray and ask Allah to give me strength in becoming a stronger mom for my baby. This morning my husband ask for my forgiveness for what happen. He admit his fault for not hearing my sadness. I just read his message and keep crying while driving to work. I don’t know. I just want to live by myself. I don’t need anyone. I give up. I may happy with myself.

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It's good that u took sometime to response to ur husband's apology. Cry if u must n it will ease your burden, insyaAllah. We have to accept sis, that our husband is not perfect n he will never be. The only one who wud listen to our cry is Allah swt. He understand us, He knows what happened to us eventho we dont knw have words to describe our feelings. At the end, He is the only love we desire n attention we seek. We often think that our husband/parents/children is the one that understand us. Allah swt becomes jealous of our love towards His creature. That's why He showed us the weakness of our husband/parents/children so that we will only rely on Him, we will only seek His attention n we will prioritise Him in every way. So, be thankful sis. Allah swt loves you so much, He wants u to come back to Him. He reminded you that His love for you is much bigger n stronger than your husband/parents/children. Rely only on Him as He is our Mighty Protector.

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for me at this time you are allow to be selfish about yourself. just do whatever make you feel happy and better person. and ignore the people who can't appreciate you and make you sad. you are not pregnant every year, so take a good care of your baby is the most important thing right now.

giving you virtual hug. lots of love and pray for you. Cheers and stay positive. May Allah ease you in everything. Your baby also feels your struggle right now. He/She will always be with you. Remember that. Take care mommy. 😊

Please be strong. Stay strong. If u need to block all the negativity including ur family, please go ahead. Because at the end of the day it is just u and ur baby that matters.

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be strong mummy and dont stop pray. inshaallah everythings will be fine

be strong for your bby sis.just ignore what they want to say.

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Stay strong

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