I need some help.

I am around 10 weeks pregnant. Ever since we (my husband and I) know I am pregnant, he was happy at first. Then he started to question why there's so much thing I'm sensitive to. I thought it's a first time thing and we both need time to get used to it. Until..he started to force me to have sex with him even when I was sick and begged him to let me rest...and it was the most painful thing I ever felt in my life... I can't rest anymore... Not until I cooked his meal, and if I ever feel too sick and nauseous of it, he will scold me. This ramadhan, I had days when I was simply too tired to wake up for sahur.. I had terrible morning sickness that last all day, not to mention I still do the house chores alone. My husband completely depends on me to wake him up for sahur so if I missed one, I think you can guess what happened to me. He never hits me, but his meal is far more important than mine, and it doesn't matter whatever happened to me. I went to the doctor with him for checkup and the doctor said i have some problem with my pregnancy and I need a proper bed rest. On the way back home, he said to me it is impossible for me to have a bed rest. "How can you cook if you need to bed rest?" Is what he said to me. Forget bed rest, I can't even sit down at home. I'm worried, for my baby the most. At this rate, I feel scared of letting him be the father of my kids. The forced sex, is what I call rape.. i feel raped.. and every inch of my body hates it.. it hurts so much and i suffered from the after effects... And he doesn't care about it, and will force me again the next day, and the next day... I seriously considering going to the police, not for report, but to let me cross the state so i can go back home to my mom for some protection. I don't know what to do other than that... This is ky first pregnancy, and our marriage is not even 1 year old yet. But i don't know this man... I don't know that to do.. i need help#firstbaby #pleasehelp

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tolong rujuk kaunseling. dan minta dr kaunseling suami puan sekali. ish sy rasa macam nak marah je suami puan ni. dan paling penting kalau puan betul2 tak tahan tolong minta nasihat dari mertua atau sesiapa yg boleh nasihatkan suami. berterus terang dengan suami, ajak dia berbincang. luahkan apa yg puan rasa. kenapa puan tak mampu nak layan suami buat masa sekarang. kalau betul dia sayangkan puan dia perlu bertolak ansur. dalam rumahtangga wajib ada give n take. wajib ada tolak ansur dan bertimbang rasa. saya doakan puan dan kandungan kuat dan sihat.. amin... jangan putus doa semoga Allah lembutkan hati suami puan.

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may ease be with u along the way.. 🙏🏻