Hey mommies, i just dont know what to do anymore.. Almost these whole week i feel that i didnt eat anything at all until i get gastric and sometimes its so hard to breathing.. I try to eat even in small amount but i still cant swallow it and yes there is some vitamin from doctor that i should take all the time but the smell is so strong and thats what make me keep on vomiting and dizzy.. Its hurt and im worry about myself and especially for my baby.. Please do anyone suggest what should i do.. I really need help from you guys that have experience and have faced problems like i do..

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Hello there. I hope you're fine by now. But if not, this is what I did for my wife, n my cousin does this as well. Try; 1. Take 1 tsp of honey (if you can) the moment you wake up to settle gastric or stomach upsets naturally. 2. Cardamom and ginger helps with gastric n nausea. If your problem is induced by stomach, then these may help to subside the bad feelings and may allow you to eat little by little. 3. When something helps. Use that to start eating small portions frequently. 4. If everything is much better with you. Try Milk with oats, lightly roasted in good quality ghee then add honey and drink. Drinking this should help give you back your energy. There's good reason for this combination besides having Good fat, protein, carbs etc. Hope you feel better. Anyhow pls ask older adults or Dr just in case about what I've mentioned as well. Take care.

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3y ago

i also got gastric. everytime it comes i eat any biscuit esp not sweet one and it really resolve my gastric.. can try

Hi sis. I was suffering from gastric before even though i ate quite often but in small amount and now im recovering. I googled and found out that susu kambing or susu soya esp shaklee could help to reduce gastric so i bought susu soya esp shaklee immediately. Been consumed it for four days. Im so grateful that it works. It contains high protein and calcium which are definitely needed for our baby growth too. You can google for it if you want to, sis.

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same like me ,but when check up baby is ok,but normaly for 1st trimester only u have to face,try something like ice-cream,roti bakar,any bun do u like,egg tart or any tart, chocolate,any biscuit ,fruit the most i can eat.n drink fresh juice or any cordial, n tips for better .drink every hour mineral water alittle but continuesly, and before eat makesure take velocin .it help from vomit ..i take 2 times daily

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Hi dear. Now you are how many weeks? I had the same situation, even get to admitted to hospital since i loss my appetite. But believe me, once you are entering 12 weeks, the feelings of nauseas and vomitting will faded away. Now i can eat two times of rice(but with a small amount) dont be worry, it will end soon.

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1y ago

sama macam sy . Makan tk ada selera langsung 🥲🥲

Saya pun ada mengalami perkara yang sama, cuba puan gantikan makan dengan buah buahan sbb rasanya agak manis seperti betik, pisang. Sekurang kurangnya ada energy utk badan kita. Mcm saya kena paksa jg walau 2 sudu nasi dgn lauk sardin dan sayur. Makan yang mampu masuk saja, sekurang kurangnya klu keluar balik pun ada isi. Sakit tau kalau kosong. Tapi itulah pengorbanan

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Hi Donna, I'm experiencing the same thing as well. 11 weeks pregnant and still having massive morning sickness. I even skipped consuming folic acid, which i am not sure if its the right thing to do. I hope things will get better for you and all mommies with the same situation too! Take care!

8mo ago

Hi mommy. Pls do not skip folic acid and others pregnancy vitamins. Consult with your doctor. Baby need those pills to support them growth. Since we are in this period of time where chicken is injected with some chemical, even our veges not that good, so pls take your vitamins ya.

Hi please ask gastric, bloating and maltofer (a sweet chewable vitamin) from clinic. I also cannot eat obimin right now, but doctor suggested to consume maltofer for the time being until I dont feel nauseous anymore. And I also vomit acid recently, I ate gastritis medicine to overcome it. Please go to clinic

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10mo ago

May i know why u cant eat the obimin? Cause i feel like when im consuming obimin my acid gastrics getting worst

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same with me, im on 10 weeks now. before this I also gt gastric,but since im pregnant,its getting worse. wht I do is never eat oily fried junk food. then eat constantly in every 2hours. never let ur stomach empty. drink a lot mineral water and also avoid caffeine.

Eat small amounts but constantly. My first trimester also like that so I eat every two hours, set alarm. Even if just a few pieces of fruits or nuts also can. Dr also said Gaviscon is OK for pregnancy so I took that.

one time u eat...dont make stomach empty when hungry eat something like bread wt planta...if like vomiting just vomit ...n after that eat again...drink lot of strong u r mommy now..have a good day💜