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Tak Cukup Susu?
Hi mommies! Kalau lampin baby selalu kena tukar dalam sehari, tapi masih nangis bukan maksudnya tak cukup susu. Ada maksud lain juga. 👶👶👶
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tq info mommy gojes🥰💃
part yg penat tp xmo tdur tu sukar skit nk handle...
Normal Delivery For Babies More Than 3.5kg
Anyone experienced normal delivery for baby weight more than 3.5kg? Share your experience pls!
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Wow! Big healthy baby. May Allah ease
Where To Do Detail Scan/4D/5D
Hi moms, just sharing. If you're in KL or Selangor, you can book detail scan in this website. https://ww
Sonographer perempuan ke??
Ohhh bagusnya. Tq!
Thanks for sharing
What To Do?
Any ideas what activities to do with kids during haze? Since we can't go out from the house. 😅😁
Hide n seek
Klau ank umur 6thn ke ats mcm ank sya, inilah masa sebaiknya utk membaca, melukis, dan buat latih tubi matematik. Sya buat time table utk dia, hadkan masa menonton kartun dan main tembak2. Weekend bol
Do lacing, painting, sorting colour, puzzle, then give reward..
Colouring, or playing masak2...
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play peek a boo with them
Both my kids (1y old baby n 5y old kid) vomit after eating/drinking. They didn't go out from the hours the whole day. Now they're having fever all of a sudden. Could it be food poisoning or haze? Bot
Better go to clinic as soon as possible sis. A bit worrisome. Takut food poisoning instead of masuk angin
Celery For Baby
Can 1y old baby eats raw celery? It says here in the app they can eat celery but I'm just wondering can it be eaten without cooking it first...
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Rasanya better masuk dalam masakan cthnya sup 😊
Dry Hair
What is the best solution for kids dry hair? My 5 year old daughter's hair is looking dry and not really manageable when I try to tie ponytails... Does hair oil helps? Or should I change to certain s
Try tukar pada shampoo baby johnson..
Do you put conditioner on her hair? My sister put conditioner on her daughter's hair, rambut anak dia very soft now
My five year old niece has the same problem. Her mom was told to shampoo less often and use a de-tangling spray. And also avoid hair dryers and when towelling dry, dont rub vigorously. Instead tamp it
Age Gap
Mommies, in your opinion what's the best age gap for your kids?
3-4 years
Prefer 3 years
3y. 😍
For me I prefer 3-4 years gap.. As I think they would understand more what is happening and easier to explain for them.
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2 years is good.
Minggu Bersalin
Minggu ke berapa mommy semua bersalin?
40minggu1hari 😍
1st 39wks 5 days 2nd tgh pregnant now 36wks
anak ptama:39w kdua:41w ketiga:40w6d keempat:37w6d
Dua² 38week
Putting Baby To Sleep
Mind sharing how you put your baby to sleep? 😊
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Thank you ladies. 😘
sebelum tido tukar pampers,sapu balm urut apa semua bg dia selesa...lpas tu bf smpai ttido
when the baby full u just pat the back of yr bby baby,dont forget to burp yr bby after feeding to avoid bby from vomiting so bby will sleeo well😴
bgi dye kenyang,biase nye lps suap bubur,bgi susu sikit,tepuk2,trus tido lena... :)
lepas bg kenyang baby, layan dia kejap. kalau nampak dia mcm ngantuk, tepuk2 sekejap dh tidur. 😁 sometimes, kalau payah sgt dia nk tidur, bg susu sampai dia tertidur. cara paling malas, letak dia ata