Geez. It took me 2 hours to get my daughter to finish her dinner. She just stores the food in her cheeks like a chipmunk and I have to always plead with her to chew and swallow. How about you - What is the longest your child ever took to finish a meal? And how can I get my kid to speed it up???

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Wow 2hrs ... Like mine I guess she is very hyper she needs her nursery rhyme songs if not she won"t open her mouth n if any1 talk while she is eating she won"t eat n the best part is ... AFTER THE 3RD MOUTH OF FOOD SHE WILL AUTO WAKE up CLIMB ON MY LAP N START 2 DANCE FOR THE SONG ... untill FOOD FINISH SHE WILL BE DANCING phewwwwww ... I go thru tis cycle daily mommy

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haha.. reminds me of my niece. well maybe try giving what she likes. for example my niece likes makeup so i give her my lipstick to hold(not use😂) and would take it back if she wouldnt listen. and also try see what they like to eat. for example my niece eats faster if its noodles compare to rice.

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feed when she is hungry, exhaust her energy in the day. kids should be very active and need to run around, climb, play, after all these strenuous activities, they will have good appetite. try various recipes too,and they also east faster self feeding

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Hahaha. That’s what my girl does when she is full alrd. Anyway, she can finish her food within 30 mins or less. Once she slows down or starts storing food, I will ask if she’s full. And if she is, then we will just stop.

They should finish within half an hour. If they are already two I will give them time limit and if they don't finish I will remove the food and let them go hungry. They will gobble up next time

2 hours is really too long, food is cold and not appetizing anymore. Small meal and let him eat it. If he doesn’t want to eat, let’s not force him. When he’s hungry he will ask for food.

Omg I'm facing the same problem. He won't chew just keep it inside his mouth. He will only eat properly if it's his favorite

for me I gave her small meal portion but frequent. some I would let her ate by herself and some fed her

This is just a passing stage. Maybe you can break the meal into 3 small meals.

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Same here. I will tell my toddler. Don't want to eat? I will take it away.