My 4 y.o cant sit down to finish her meal at home but can do it well in school

My 4 year is a fussy eater at home but finishes all her food when in school. Tried sitting her down to finish her food but she takes off to play after less than 10mins. When I get strict and impose it on her, she seems hurt and sad but I know she is simply testing the boundaries. How do I get her to sit and finish her meals like in school?

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Super Mum

My daughter needs to be 100% engaged during her meals at home. In her case, it involves me talking to her and sometimes singing. I need to sit with her and focus my attention on her. She’s placed in her high chair so she can’t run away. If I’m not giving her my attention (eg. Using my phone), she, too, gets distracted and wants to play something. So essentially I’ve learnt that as a parent, I need to be a role model for my kid. And we’ve grown a lot closer with this bonding time during meals too:) plus it’s less painful for everyone.

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