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Being pregnant making me hate my step daughter alot I don't even want to be close to her. The way she is with her dad and my mil is very manipulative always throwing tantrums and shouting when no one listens to her. Hubs and mil always give in. I had enough of it, she gaves me anxiety! While I was resting/sleeping she will keep on slamming the door and shouting non stop and I'm at my 8 months pregnant now! Talk to my husband about his daughter being this way he doesn't seem to be listening to me!!

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Should be because jealousy. Her parents are no longer together but when your child is born, she or he will have a complete family when both parents stay together and “happy family” idea. Kids that age are not complicated - they act up because they fear of losing love and care due to insecurity. What her parents have to do is to talk and assure her and also correct wrong behaviors before it’s too late. It’s not your fault at all - if it’s too difficult as it goes along (lack of communication and discipline from her parents) then the next best thing is not to have her in your home. If she gets violent etc. your husband can meet her outside but not in your home to protect your boundary and safety.

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Sorry to hear about yiur step daughter experience, esp during your current pregnancy. Is there anyone else at home when she is shouting n slamming doors? If yes(ur mil n hub), why wasnt this behavior corrected? And i understand when you tell your hub, n he wasnt listening. Becos he should be thinking, you must have something against his daughter, because she wasnt yours. Seems talking to him is pointless, or mayb a short fix tp this would be discuss that your hub to take this kid outdoor instead of being in the house. Eg. Kids playground etc

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I feel you! This is what happens when parents failed to discipline their kids. Never mind, this kid will grow up to be notorious and probably end up in jail or the girl's home one day (thanks to her biological mother). Focus on your own kid so that he/she will be a much better person than your step-daughter.

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I thk she also feel insecure especially after u get pregnant. She might thk that ur hubby won't love her as much after baby born. Mayb try to talk and communicate with her in order to make everything better

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Maybe your step daughter feels alone and jealous. Do try and bond with her in some ways or at least talk to her. She may need some motherly love too(:

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She only get to meet us on weekends and She is taken care by her mother. She is 7 next year..

She might be doing that to assert her position, afraid that she could be left out after baby comes.

How old is she, it would be better if you talk to her first and understand the problem.

probably she is jealous and afraid that no one will care about her?

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How old is your step daughter ?

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How old is ur step daughter?