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sleep thru the night
How long does ur lo takes to sleep thru the night? Example: 6 months
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My boy is 12months and hasn't STTN
Around 2 months
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Around 3 months?
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2 months.
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Mine is 2 and doesn't sttn yet. It really depends on individuals.
Should grandparents let the parents know where they bringing their lo even if is just downstairs for awhile? Or am i too sensitive
If they are the one taking care. I’m fine with it.
If grandparents are taking care or looking after of baby to help you out as well then dont take it too heart. It is also good for babies so have some fresh air. But of course if you know that the down
I think its basic courtesy to just inform. A simple text would be fine.
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They should at least inform but sometimes I don't really take it to the heart. Normally, when I woke up my lo always went missing from her crib cause my mom always bring her out without my knowledge.
Erm if just downstairs I Guess I am ok It’s grandparents after all They can’t be calling you when u at work to tell u that unless that’s what you want. I mean u trust them to look after ur LO Why
Currently 34 weeks, baby weight 2.4kg. Heavy?
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Estimate Natural birth : Around 3kg to 3.5kg which easier to push :) Eg Try to aim 150g X 6 weeks ( 40 week of pregnancy ) Baby will be around 3.3kg. Still ok!!! If 200g X 6 weeks ( 40 week of p
One and a half meal per day
Currently 33 weeks plus. Baby is slightly heavier than average. Dont have much appetite so will it harm if i only eat one and a half meal per day? TIA
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Its better for u to take small portions but frequently throughout the day
dulocax laxative (bisacodyl)
Anyone took dulocax laxative before? Any horrible side effects?
no side effect at all with me
Can one year old eat abit of mooncake?
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Yes a tiny bit ok
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A little should be fine
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Yes a tiny bit
Yes for tasting
Yes a bit
Will there be any problem putting an infant with a toddler to sleep together in the same room but different beds during night time? TIA!
Depend on individual
Is okay to put them together but it will affect the sleeping quality of your toddler if she is a light sleeper especially when your newborn needs to wake up often for milk.
Yes but waking up each other may cause disruptive sleep for all
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Best to separate if possible because you might be disturbing the toddler's sleep during your baby's night feeding. If either 1 of them is sick, the other might also get it quickly if they are together
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No, u have to separate them. Let them have their own space.
Pork collar
Can one year-old eat pork collar? (Sliced ones)
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I would advice not. Its very fatty
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Highly recommend dont give, very fatty food
As Long it’s tender to eat.
Go for lean pork soft meat