today 32 weeks 4 day already.

my baby so lazy today. huhu. still no any movement until now.

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Tulis jawapan

it is normal for baby to move lesser as they got bigger and space is getting cramped inside. but that doesn't mean that it is ok if your baby doesn't move at all and it is not normal for them to move less than 10 times for 12 hour period. just keep counting the movement. if usually you counted 10 movement from 9am to 7pm but the baby move less than that during that normal period and the movement is weak, you shouldn't hesitate to go to the hospital immediately.

Baca lagi

baby have their on lazy day i guess. same thing goes to my baby. 1 day, she might fin her 10th kicks before 1pm.. every 20 mins a kick..n the other day, fin her 10 kicks at 4 pm.. 1 to 2 kicks per hour..

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Hi mommy. Drink cold water n lie down. Must complete the 10 movements rules ya... If not pls go to the hospital.