bleeding for 2 weeks

hi mommy's.. I've gone through bad days for the past two weeks and bleeding with a lot of blood with no pain for 5 days but my UPT still shows positive until today. I went for scan and the doctor still can't see sac yet even already 8 weeks pregnant. anyone experience the same?

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Better go to hospital for further exemption... My experience 2016 also bleeding about 1week+ with no pain but scan can't see the baby... Go to hosp after check doktor said this is ectopic pregnancy.. They do the emergency operation first is laparascopy still can't fine and finally transfer to laparatomy (like csec operation)...

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Mase sy keguguran ari tu mcm awk jgk. Bleeding x brenti. Doc ckp kalo check upt mmg positive dlm tempoh sebulan