hi, anyone have any ways to lower down the jaundice level in newborn? ? my baby is 5days old

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Latch/feed baby frequently(every 2 hours), avoid eating ginger, carry baby near to the window to get UV from the morning sun(before 10am)(no direct sun, will be harmful to baby delicate skin, and avoid sunlight on baby’s eyes)

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Keep baby hydrated (more feed) and bring baby out for sunshine (remember to cover their eyes to avoid direct sunshine into their eyes) If the jaundice level is too high then no choice have to go for phytotheraphy.

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What i did was, on lights at night and morning get baby have some sun best is before 11am. Jaundice drop only after 3-4 days. Shower with the chinese sengseh flower herbs for jaundice.

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My baby jaundice was high and she had photo therapy and when shes back home i showerrd her with the flower from chinese medical shop. It went down so dont worry

Hey, Please latch the baby for milk very frequently so that the baby does motion a lot.This way the jaundice yellow stuff will pass though urine and poo

Let them lay in the sunshine (inside so it’s not too hot). It helps a little bit but often you can only wait and hope for improvement!

Buy jaundice flower from Chinese medicine shop. Soak the flowers in water and shower baby with the concentrated water. It helps alot.

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Keep feeding breastmilk, else suntan morning/evening sun. Or you can go TCM and ask for bath thingy. It helps to reduce jaundice...

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Feed more (as the doctor advised, topping up with formula if required), so baby will poop more and get rid of the bilirubin faster

My little one had jaudice for about 3 weeks. The best way to bring it down is to feed him/her with breastmilk exclusively. :)