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Grace playpen
How do you all clean graco playpen?
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Dismantle and hand wash netting. Sun dry...
How much water can a 6 months old baby drink?
sips at a times
Few a few sips
Hi, Less than 60 ml. Try giving few sips a day
Below 60 ml
Not more than 60ml a day
Barley water
At which age can I introduce barley water for my LO?
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After 1 year old for my kids.
Hello mummies, my Son is 6 months old. Is there a need to give him probiotics?
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There is no need to give any extra supplements if the baby is well.
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Nope. Not necessary
Sleep deprived
My son have been waking up hourly at night. Diaper change, night feed done. But he have been like this for consecutive 3 days. Any one facing the same issues?
At some stage, they will tend to resist sleep. All will pass soon!!
My first school
Any feedback on my first school. Am deciding to enroll LO to pre school when he turns 18months. How many students will be there per class?
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Best to go down personally and get more info
ECDA has a standard teacher to student ratio but different centres have their own ratio depending on the number of teachers/students they have. It's advisable for you to tour the school and see if its
According to ECDA the teacher child ratio for a playgroup class is 1:8. However it depends on the centre so best to go down and enquire personally.
Hey, I think all schools have different capacities. I would suggest go for the different school tours. This will help you in deciding
Every school different. According to ecda ratio for toddlers is 1:8.. Should not have more than 8 children if there is only 1 teacher in class.
Diaper leakage
Any mummy facing this issues, when LO sleep side ways and the pees leaked out and wet the shirt at night?
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Used to. But after switching other brands, no more leakage. The key is to find a diaper with cutting suitable for your LO. We tried a few brands before we found one that is suitable.
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It’s important to check the baby to keep him dry. Changing diapers
Drypers has good soaking capacity, try changing diaper every 2hrs or max 4hrs.
Hi, Please try using Drypers
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Try using Mamy Poko(:
Spoon feeding
Hi mommies, how to you all introduce solid to your LO? I have tried spoon feeding my LO but he reject the food. He only likes to fed through sipping cup or food feeder... How can I let him eat using
My girl was just tasting the watery cereal / puree with her tongue during her first week of solid food at 6 months, all the mess just dribbling down her chest and chair urgh. Anyway we decided to star
Trip to Batam
Hi mommies my LO is turning 7 months old next month. If I were to bring him to Batam what preparation I need to make?
Diapers, bottles , steriliser, pajamas, desitin cream. Towel and clothes for breastfeeding relationship
Baby rice cracker biscuit
Hi mummy, at which month I can introduce baby rice cracker to them?
Around 6th month
6 months
Around 6 months
From 6 months onwards can introduce small pieces of rice crackers to lo. :)
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6 mths when u intro them solids.