Hi mummies, Is there any ways to help bring down the jaundice? My baby went for phototherapy and was discharged last week, today went for follow up checks, the jaundice level seems to go up again. TIA..

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My girl went for phototherapy too hence have to stay 1 day in the hospital. Level drop however when went for check up at polyclinic not within the acceptable range hence i stop breastfeeding gave her formula in order to pee and poo more. It helps as the 3rd visit is within the range. You may try cos this was what my sil taught me which her doctor had advice her

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Sunbath your baby at 8am for 10 minutes everyday, if possible. Using fresh coconut water to bath your baby will help too. While you can let your baby drink more breast milk, jaundice can be caused by breast milk too. But don’t worry! It will go away! As long as baby is peeing and pooing normally...

Hi, if you’re not fully breastfeeding, formula milk does help. Try to sun your baby too! I will put my baby near the window with some natural light but not the sun directly on him as he moves about too much. But I do know some friends that directly have the sun on their baby’s body and cover their eyes.

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2y ago

Check with your pd to see if he or she is okay with this method. This is all I can help ☺️

Are u Feeding BM or FM... is BM maybe cut down on ginger and herbs.. try to feed baby more... if Fm Feed regularly and try to wake bb up every 3 hrly to feed so bb can pee and poo more to bring down the jaundice... also try to sunbath baby every morning 830 to 10am and 430pm onwards

Is baby on BM? Ensure baby is hydrated, drinking well and at least 5-6 wet diapers a day. Do not miss any of his/her jaundice appointments. My baby jaundice went away after 2 weeks. We did not place her under sunlight as was told by nurses it doesnt work that way.

Feeding the baby. As long as baby pee and poo and change dypers at least 5-6. For first wk for a newborn is always high.it will gradually reduce if baby is feed and pee/poo. It will take 1-2 wk to reduce depends on the baby.

Buy jaundice flower from TCM shop. Soak it and Use the water to shower baby. My daughter had jaundice. One week before 187 I showered her everyday with that water. One week later jaundice level was 61

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Fyi I didn't put my baby under sun. My room curtains are always closed and windows shut as construction works are going on.

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Feed more to reduce breastfeeding jaundice. Give formula milk on top of your own milk to reduce breastmilk jaundice. Hang in there.. the levels will start dropping gradually soon, after one week:)

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There really isn’t any need for formula if breastfeeding. The baby does need lots of milk to flush out the bilirubin. Mother’s milk is always the best choice. If you feel more comfortable you could pump out and cup/syringe feed to be sure the amount that LO is drinking. But formula won’t solve anything but damage a mother’s milk supply.

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Hi, Either you just continue BF or buy this Kayu Sepang from Sinseh. Only Old Sinseh sells this. Hard to find nowadays. It’s meant for newborns with jaundice.

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Dr advice to breast feed as much as you can. Nowadays dr will advice no sunlight but we still give our baby morning sun before 8.30am.