Anyone has any pregnancy/childbirth/baby insurance to recommend? What did you sign up with?

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For pregnancy, there are some insurances and bank companies offer pregnancy insurances: 1. OCBC - 2. Prudential - 3. Great Eastern Life - 4. AXA - For baby insurance after baby is born, the basic insurances include: 1. Life Insurance 2. Hospitalization Plan 3. Accident Plan 4. Education Saving For me, I engaged an independent insurance consultant that represents all the insurance companies so I can make a better comparison between the policies. The independent insurance consultant will tailor the best package for your baby and family.

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I took up Prudential PruFirst Gift for pregnancy complication coverage as well as to guarantee critical illness coverage for my baby. The critical illness coverage is issued to baby regardless of condition at birth. Other than that I also took up the Prudential Prushield A Premier that covers baby for hospitalization and day surgery. I chose Prudential over the others as they cover the longest for pre and post hospitalization benefits (180 days). I feel that it is critical for me as some follow up consultations can stretch up to 6 months or a year. The education saving and legacy planning had already been in place even before I was pregnant. Haha!

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AIA has one that covers preggers from 10 or 16 weeks onwards, all the way to childbirth and the plan can be passed on to your baby after 2 weeks from birth as a life plan to cover the child until he /she turns 60. Advice is to get the plan early, as I've already had my second Tri detailed scan when I applied, AIA rejected my application as I was detected to be at risk of pre-eclampsia.

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You check with Great Eastern there's one policy. Just get that and you yourself, your parents and baby will be protect. Like 3 in 1.

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Wads the policy called?

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My agent is with Finexis, which is an indepedent advisory, but he has recommended me AXA and Aviva Shield

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For baby insurance I took prudential hosp plans, AIA - Starshield Plan && Aviva - Life Plan

In India, LIC is the most reliable insurance that you could go ahead with.

I'm planning to take AXA hospitalisation and accident plan for baby.

I got mine from aviva you can contact 88088729 for advise!