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baby weight
How much did your baby weigh at 1st month?
going out
At which month do you start bringing your baby out?
Husband & I should have waited after LO 1st month but we didn't, due to biz committments...
2 months plus not too crowded area
After 3 months.
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After 3 months
After 1 month
Baby Passport
Do you need to bring your baby along for the collection?
NTUC good start bundle
Any mummies sign up for ntuc good start bundle? Is it worth?
Yes, free insurance for one year too. After that you can change if you want. And free milk etc..
I applied 6 months ago but haven't receive it yet.
Not bad...
Yes worth it, go for it!
Hep-B vaccination
Is it necessary for babies to get Hep-B vaccinations?
Seems too young
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Not necessary
I think it's good to have!
Hi! If you’re not sure if there are family members or related who have hep-b, then it’s better for your baby to have it shortly after birth. Just to be on the safe side as babies have higher risk of b