Hi Mummies. This is my 1st pregnancy with twins. I'm wondering how many mummies here sign up for insurance maternity plan. Can share the reasons for signing up and not signing up? Thank you in advance!

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Took up the NTUC Income Maternity360 as we didnt want any ILPs. My first pregnancy too and also am above 35 yrs old - even though coverage is not a lot, it give us a little more assurance. Was also told that the policy can be carried over n be converted for our child's life policy after birth.

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Some insurance doesn't cover twins. Best to sign up asap. Most will cover even after baby comes out. It is very important. I regret not signing up. After my baby is out, she was diagnose with neonatal lupus. Now, wanna sign up, insurance rejects her application.

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Yes if twins better to sign up for maternity coverage. Most companies will accept the babies in any condition once they are born, to purchase life plans from them. So u got the peace of mind that no matter what, ur twins can be covered once born..

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Yes I signed up during preg. Do check insurance company policy u have to sign up before certain pregnancy week.

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I did! I think twins better to sign up. Higher risk too.

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Hi mummy, for your twin babies, u took the maternity insurance right..? Did u managed to utilise anything from it..? Cuz I’m thinking between the maternity and hospital insurance.. Any advice.. ❤️ Thank u.

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i didnt we only buy life & medical insurances

We didn't buy, only had life insurance