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Baby names
Please suggest Indian baby boy and girl names starting with T
G: Tanya, Tanvi, Tamanna, Taara, Tarini, Tamira, Tamara, Tahaana B: Taanish, Taarush, Tahaan, Tarun, Tamay, Tanav
Tripta, Tapasya
Tani. Tapur. Tiya Tushar Tarun
Headaches during pregnancy
I am facing terrible headaches and heaviness this week. Is it common? There’s no change in routine, so unable to understand the reason behind this.
Is it your first trimester?? If yes, its quite common becoz of hormones and blood volume increase... talk to your gynae for advice.
Pregnancy glow
When does the pregnancy glow start showing? What I am still waiting for a glow, but I see pigmentations, dull hair and skin instead! 😢😢
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Not everyone will get pregnancy glow.. depends on individual
Any home made remedies for acidity?
Hi... are you referring to morning sickness or stomach acids?
Zero tolerance towards drama
Is it normal to not react to someone creating drama about my own mother’s death? Or am I too insensitive or healed my scar? One side I see relatives crying over my mother’s death that happened 9 years
9 years is a very long time to still be grieving. I think your mom would want you to continue on with your life. No need to feel guilty.
I dont think you are too insensitive. You have accepted the truth and reality and moved on. Don’t be bothered about what others feel or say.
Mood swings
Is it common to have mood swings without being pregnant or nearing the period? How can I control it?
Meditating might help curb mood swings
Can anyone please help me with a review on Indokids (playgroup) in Chikuwadi-Borivali? TIA!
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I have heard this from one of my friends, that they have very good concept, new ways of teaching updated curriculum and activities.....have a new way of teaching...... Having speak book like technolo
Can i consume ketchup during pregnancy?
You may but in moderation:)
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yes but not too much
Ketchup contains a lot of sugar. So, please don't overdo it.
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Yes u may, moderation
Yes sure, but in moderation
If plastic is bad for health, doesn't a plastic pacifier bad then?
For pacifiers, there are only either latex or silicone nipples. You have a choice between latex and silicone nipples. Silicone is sturdier, clean easier, and don't retain odours. Latex nipples are mor
I want recipes to treat my child's common cold and cough.
Salt gargling: A glass of hot water with a teaspoon of salt can be useful to ease a sore throat. Ask your kid to gargle with salt water twice a day. The saline water helps soothe the pain. 7. Turmeri
have you tried the steaming orange method? Steam a half cut orange, add some salt on top of it. Then give ur LO the steamed juiced. It's known for treating cough
Onion Juice! Steam yellow onion for 30mins. and feed the LO the water