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Can anyone please help me with a review on Indokids (playgroup) in Chikuwadi-Borivali? TIA!
I have heard this from one of my friends, that they have very good concept, new ways of teaching updated curriculum and activities.....have a new way of teaching...... Having speak book like technolo
Can i consume ketchup during pregnancy?
Yes i loved ketchup while i was pregnant. Do eat in moderation!
If plastic is bad for health, doesn't a plastic pacifier bad then?
For pacifiers, there are only either latex or silicone nipples. You have a choice between latex and silicone nipples. Silicone is sturdier, clean easier, and don't retain odours. Latex nipples are mor
I want recipes to treat my child's common cold and cough.
Salt gargling: A glass of hot water with a teaspoon of salt can be useful to ease a sore throat. Ask your kid to gargle with salt water twice a day. The saline water helps soothe the pain. 7. Turmeri
Can I give processed cheese to my 18 month kid?
all types of cheese you find these days is processed, so yes, i dont think there should be any problem in giving it to your 18 month old. just ensure you don't give too much. stick to giving one ch
I need suggestions for play schools in and around borivali- malad for my 18 month kid. TIA!
Wow, thank you. Do you know the rates for Munchkins and toddlers?
Mummies, please suggest which brand should I go for. Johnson, Himalaya, mee mee or Sebamed for my child?
I love the Himalaya products, and of late, there is another brand that I am really enjoying for my kids and myself too - MamaEarth. In fact, you can check out an honest review of the brand here..
How do I politely refuse my relatives to feed my child certain food items I feel is not good for him?
This is a big issue most mothers have. Well you can keep some excuses handy since the same wont work all the time. Start with a positive sentence saying this must be very yummy or kids enjoy this a lo
What is the best solution to pacify my crying (howling) baby. It's more of being stubborn than being uneasy, because as soon as I follow what he wants, in a sec he is quiet!
this is your baby's way of getting his way, and now he knows that it works! ;) babies are smart and know how to get their work done, but it may not always be the best way. if your baby is crying wi
Share your favourite aloo ki subzi recipe!
i will share 2 actually :) 1. aloo tamatar - a north indian super easy to make and delicious preparation. in the pressure cooker, heat ghee or oil, add a bit of jeera, heeng and garlic. once they t