Hi After so many years of our marriage we do not have understanding for each other,we fight on small issues,now a day's he so depressed for certain reasons so he get frustrated and I also feels the same so we start fighting in front of our kids,i know this is not good but situations r like this,sometimes I feel I should leave him but than I think about my kids,I m so upset. he lives in his world I lives in my world how come we make our relationship good

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I hope you try marriage counseling, and if the first counsellor doesn't work out give the second a try. It is hard to change from years of bad habits or some things you have tolerated for a long time
Ask your self before you get nerves, ask is it worth it?
Don’t involve your kids in your fights. It is very traumatic for them. If both of you can’t see eye to eye and fight all the time, you are not sending a good message to your kids. You are teaching the
My relation also like that at times
many times this happens with couples who have been married for long and have kids. i would suggest you try and take a break or a mini vacation just with your hubby if you can arrange for the kids t