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Hello, I want to know what other women think about this situation that I'm going through, maybe I'm just overthinking or can help me with advise.. I'm very happy with him and really love him, but noticed a few bells during 10 years of our marriage. First is that I'm not Singaporean and I was convinced from beginning that I dont need PR and Singapore is a bad place, and we will move out, so we dont need to buy house here...years passes, we have our second baby...I'm still not PR, through me fighting for it, we only applied twice in total and got rejected..Everybody is telling him to apply PR for me, and apply for house already.. (we stay with his parents) Anyway, he opened his own company, I quit my job and started helping him..he refused to hire himself officially to pay cpf, then now extended business and got into deep depths..I'm just blown by the fact that we had so many chances to move out to our own house and I could actually get my PR..I want to leave all the job that I do for him and find a full time, but it's so difficult to do coz no PR, and in this time it's very critical to have... I really worried for kids, I dont feel secure that we dont own a place, and that I'm not covered my Medisave and no cpf, I mean, that's what bothers me a lot that he cant see it the same way I see it..I want better future for them, start saving for their study..both of them SG citizens.. I just cant understand why is such thing happening to me..the only thing that stops me is that he is a good person, and the fact that I'm alone in foreign country, with no money to start a new life..I'm feeling stuck! Going to my home country for me is a big NO.. we tried marriage counseling it help a lot but the main issue still the same as it was..nothing been pushed forward, Singapore is blamed for everything and more and more excuses..I'm so tired.. #advicepls #pleasehelp

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If you’re holding LTVP, you can find a job. My fil previously holds a LTVP and landed a job at Changi Airport. In the meantime, we went to MP to expedite the PR process. Failed once but the second application (after he starts working at CAG), it got approved and he is currently holding a PR. I’m not very sure for WP thou, sorry!

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