Any of your Husband complains to u that ever since u have children , he feels neglected by u n feels he is of lowest priority in your heart? What special things did u do for him to help him not feel this way ?:)

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For us, we are the opposite. My husband totally adores both our girls so much that I feel jealous. Very often I have to ask him for some couple time with me. What he did is buy my favourite food or snack out of the blue or days i feel lousy to show me he know I have a bad day. Or have a day working from home to accompany for lunch without the kids.

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It means he treasure u, n wishes for ur attention. He loves you and is a good move he told you how he felt.

Simple things like massage for him at night makes him feel loved

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Nope. Just need to communicate more and plan more date nights!

Need a communication. I believe he will understand

Just a special day out with him

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Nope. Mine never felt this way.