What will u do if u found out that your husband went to batam secretly but when confront he says he wanted piece of mind as I as a wife couldn't give him happiness.

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That must have been so sad to here. Did he do anything that he shouldn't? Well, he did hide the trip from u, so I would probe more into what else he has been up to. I think u guys need to take about it, if need be engage a counselor to help u guys work it out. "Couldn't give him happiness" is like a pandora box - can lead and be the reason or excuse behind many other things. So u guys have to work on the communication, needs, wants, expectations, compromises, cooperation, service to one another. Hopefully u guys can work things out

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6y ago

He did say wanted peace of mind. It's sad to hear such thing when we do our duty as a wife.

You need to talk to him. Whether what he did or did not or whatever, please put it aside. What sort of happiness is he looking into? And why is he not happy? Why does he feel you are the one not making him happy? I think sounds serious. Sometimes it might be because he is stress at other stuffs. And just lashing out

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Did you find out anything se besides that? I would sit him down and have a talk with him to clarify the matter. As adults, we need to talk and if communication is not possible then what other options are we left with?

I would made him explain what he meant by couldn't give him happiness and ask myself if I'm happy in this marriage

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Well... Depends on his agenda while in batam..