Would you let your hubby go on a Bangkok trip with guy friends for 3D2N?

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I will allow but I'll be sad. But I doubt he will want to go without me :)

Yes. They need their "Me time" also as much as we need ours. 😊

I wouldn't mind , he has his own life and really I gave fredom

I allowed my husband to go with his group of friends as i knew most of his friends. And those he chose to go with are mainly foodies. And i often contact him thru msges so i give him the trust. Moreover he gets to go before i pop. So enjoy while he can

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Honestly, I wouldn't want him to go. But I will leave the decision up to him. Most likely, he will not want to do that also. He does not like travelling without his kids and me.

Why not! Juz let him enjoy himself wif his frenz cos life is not juz wife & kids oni. Men do not like to be controlled. It spoils e relationship. Everybody needs some 'me time' including us! After e trip, who knows he will love u more?

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Agree with all the moms above. If the guy wants to do something, he will do it any and everywhere. We cant control him. Only he can control himself. So yes ill let him go. SINGAPORE also can hanky panky no need go all the way to BKK.

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"Whatever happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok". If you trust your husband and his guy friends well then by all means let them but kf you're having doubts then tell it to him. Warn him even.

It's Bangkok sis...better don't allowed it..


Not a good option. Why go to a place known for temptations and pleasures of the flesh?