Husband travel on week 38/39

Would you allow your husband to fly off for a work trip on your 38th or 39th week of pregnancy? What are the chances the baby will come early and then he misses the birth? I am trying not to think about worst case scenarios but I will be damn pissed off if my husband misses the birth of our first child because of a 4 day work trip to HK.

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Hubby’s one week leave was only started 2-3 before EDD, prior to that he was still traveling due to work... He requested to go on shorter trips, in case I am in labor and he can fly back the soonest... I kept talking to bb and ask her to wait till her Papa is home...I was worried too because most of the time I am alone at home.. Hubby and Gynae have been briefing me on what to do if I have signs of labor.. Eventually after hubby leaves started bb still comfortably inside... till 40 weeks decided to induce, coz scared he will have to work again after his one week leave and bb decided to come out without him around... however after we reached the hospital, signs of labor came in, didn’t induce... Hope your bb will wait till your hubby is around, and also your hubby manage to be by your side.. Try talk to your bb and let your bb knows when your hubby is around..

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If there is other alternative I would not allow my husband to travel but I do hope that my husband can be responsible to his work too. Usually the results showed that a firstborn baby has a 15 to 16 percent chance of being born late. I believe that your husband would not want to miss the chance and will be able to make it for the arrival of your first baby.

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Talk to husband about this before and we came to agreed that he will carry on flying but once im in labour he will try he best to get back asap for us. So i think i dont really expecting my hubby gonna be there with me. He had inform our parent to keep me accompany more for the last trimester

If it isn't necessary, I would ask him to stay. But if it's a matter of.. i dont know... practicality, like maybe it would cause him his job that is sustaining us, then i'd probably allow it.

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Hi... you might give birth from weeks 36 onwards. Better to advise your hubby to reschedule his trip if he wants to be present when you’re giving birth.

Try to see if he can reschedule. Beacuse those weeks are very critical. You dont when you water can burst.

I'll try to get him to reschedule. I gave birth at 38 weeks!

My baby was born in 37 weeks.. So it's early

I also feel that he should reschedule

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Hope it's possible to reschedule?