My husband is a very shy guy and we hardly talk at home. However, her has a lot to talk to on the phone with his parents and other friends. What could be the reason for his aloofness?

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Hi dear, I feel most of us wives and moms go through this phase at some point of time in our lives. But the good thing is, you can try and work on it and probably things will be fine. You said your husband is a shy man, but otherwise finds it easy to talk to his parents and friends. Maybe it is because you both are busy in your roles and are not able to spend time with each other? Do you think you are too tired and occupied with your role as a mom? If it helps, you can try and initiate conversation each day with your husband. Once he is home, ask him how his day was and what he did, and if there was anything interesting that happened. Tell him about anything interesting that happened with you, something you read or saw, or anything that could start conversation. Maybe you both could go out on a dinner sometime and just talk about each other, without discussing the baby? Or else, make one night a week just a couple night, when you will not discuss about the baby for a set time, but just talk about yourselves. Try and see, I think it could help :)

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Are you guys newly married? If yes, then I think he is finding it difficult to take the first step. You can probably start off by making his favourite dish for the dinner or giving him the idea of going for a weekend break. Times have changed, if the man is finding it difficult to make a first move, you can cover the distance by taking the first step. You make plans and offer to do new things. I am sure when he will see that you are interested in spending time with him, he will be more than happy and slowly become a party to all your outings and pans. Sometimes, men think that if I do something and what if the woman doesn't like it, so may be your husband also playing it safe. Let him know by your actions and conversations that you love to spend time with him. And once he will know that you want his company then he will be his normal self and won't be shy.

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Give him sometime to open up. And if it is his nature then you can hardly do anything. To make your bond stronger, you can strike conversation with him. As you mentioned, he talks a lot with his mom and all, that means that he is not a quiet person and like to talk. So, if he doesn't initiate conversations, you can. Pick up the topics which he has interest in, or try to be part of his hobbies. Figure out if you both have common interests and if yes, then bonding with him would be easy. Figure out, what are his expectations from you. Try to make out time for yourselves, and things will get hopefully get better.

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try and talk to him in small and simple conversational topics that are more generic, for instance your day, work and so on. find common interests that you both can talk about. make plans for the two of you and surprise him, arrange a romantic dinner at home, or plan a day out.


Try to create opportunities to talk. Watch a movie together and discuss about it. Have a date and create atmosphere to talk about your life. Prepare to travel and discuss arrangements for the trip. Create little pockets of opportunity to talk

Maybe by engaging in some activities where both you and him will enjoy probably that may bring conversation along much more easily. Or playing board games, have fun and can spark off with some jokes.

Hello , just to check if you guys had a arranged marriage or something ?

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Is he like that when you guys were dating?