My wife always compares my parenting with her sister's husband's parenting and thinks he is a much better father than me. I find this comparison annoying and heartbreaking. How do I make her understand this?

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I would have a friendly yet firm chat with her and explain how this makes you feel and see why she does this. Perhaps she is genuinely trying to help. Talking is usually the best course of action :)

Brother, you're the man of the house. If her comments are causing friction, you need to set her straight. If you need to get into a fight, then do that. But do not allow her to make you feel small. Man-up and do the righ thing.

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talk to her and explain your side

Speak directly with her you don't like it

Each person and his/her upbringing differs. In parenting, we subconsciously apply what our parents had done when they were parenting us. Whether it's discipline, or general talk, we emulate what we were exposed to. That man and u are 2 separate individuals. What u may find repulsive in his technique, may actually be what works for his kids but may backfire with yours. In today age, parents play multiple roles for children. They r disciplinarian towards the end... primarily, kids want parents to be their friends. If ur wife doesn't understand the uniqueness in you, then leave it. No point in lengthy explanation when the obvious is not understood. May be the grass is always greener on the other side for your due time when she notes your kids responding well to ur upbringing, it will shut her up...for now, Pat your back, bcoz u r a wonderful father....

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Grass is always greener on the other side. I'm sure u are an amazing father. Explain to your wife that it's not fair to make comparisons. Everyone has their own way of dealing with with their children.

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Tell her you are doing your best as a father and that each father or mother is different in their parenting approach. Tell her that if you compare her parenting style with any other mom and criticize it she won't like it either!

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All the best

Speak to her that you feel uncomfortable with the comparison.

comparisons to anything in general are simply annoying.