My father has always been a very short-tempered person and never really thinks twice before shooting his mouth. This summer vacation he insulted me really badly in front of my kids and spoke ill about my husband too. I felt really humiliated and don't know how to be normal with my father again. Am I overreacting?

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Hmmm... I think you are justified in your reaction, as he has no right to talk badly to you or about your husband especially in front of your kids. This can have such a bad effect on your children's mind. They can develop rift between their relationship with your father because children do not like to listen ill about their parents from anybody. Secondly, this episode can stay in their memory for long and as they grow up, they might settle with a thinking that their parents have many flaws and develop a disliking for you. They may end up being disrespectful towards you both. I think, you need to speak to your father and tell him that whatever happens between you and him should not happen in front of your kids. If he understands, fine, and if he doesn't then make sure that you do not take your kids along when you are going to meet him. Also, if he has no reluctance in saying ill about you and your husband in front of you, he won't be hesitant to talk ill about you with your kids when he is with him alone. So, you need to make your father that his behaviour is not acceptable. Having said all this, I would say that you need to find out why your father is so cross with you and your husband. Generally, fathers are very close with your daughters and share a very loveable bond, so what missing in your case. And see, if you are at fault or your husband, seeking forgiveness from your father won't make you any small. After all he is your dad, and I am sure he loves you. And if it is his nature, then I guess in that you would not have posted this question, as then you would have been dealing with him eversincme and his behaviour would not have troubled you. Your father must be at an age when he would want your love and attention, so do not be harsh on him and try to rebuild your bonding with him. When parents are no more in our lives then we understand their value and repent the times when we didn't care for them or didn't do enough for them. So, do not let this happen to you, make your father understand that you may be his little girl but you are mother to your children who idolise you, and if he will treat badly in front of them, it will affect their thought process for bad. Love can melt stony of hearts and here, it is your father.

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