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My mother lives alone and has pension from government for her saving and expense, she has a daily routine thus very much settled at her house overseas,while me and my sister are the only kids she has but we both are in different countries, my sister called Maa to stay with her for a few days but she wasn't much keen, while I speak to my Mama to check on her twice or thrice a day,thats the least could do i feel,and everyday she has some or the other issue in house or amoung relatives, which she shares with me,I do try to advise her as much as I can but recently I feel she doesn't listen to solution and have developed a habit of just telling more and more problem ,even if there are people around to help she would say who will do this and that then I remind her but she will shush me up,how to guide my mum how to make her feel better,I am losing my peace and often disturbed, I have a toddler to take care as well..any advises #agingparents #keendaughter #help

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Hi i think sometimes the elderly dun necessarily need a solution. They just want to talk about it or just want people to listen...

what they need is listening👂 is good enough u call her daily