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Is chubby baby an index of a healthy baby? My child is thin for his age and I get to hear that he is unhealthy and weak, which he is not! How do I shut such people up?
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a chubby baby is definitely not the sign of a healthy baby, just the way a lean baby does not mean an unhealthy one! people have this perception that unless your baby is really filled with baby fat
Many babies are chubby when they are little and that is called baby fat. And as the baby grows he sheds the baby fat as well. Haven't you seen babies you are so chubby when little become thin by the t
A chubby kid is not the benchmark of a healthy kid! As long as the kid is active, happy, achieving his milestones on time, eats and plays well, he is healthy!
I want to earn at least 50,000/- per month but don't know how! I am a postgraduate in Science but took a break for 10 years after my baby. Now what are the opportunities which will assure that I ear
network market is very possible to earn money slowly to big amount...
i think if you already have a set amount in mind and want to find a job that serves the amount, it could be difficult. in that case, a better option would be to turn entrepreneur and do your own th
Nowadays there are many home-based businesses which don't require much investment. You can try any of those.
I think targeting an amount is a little tough to achieve if you are eyeing to do it from home, but as they say, never say never. But you must understand that working from is way more taxing and pay yo
Which is the position in sex that you haven't tried so far and why?
so far I have not tried dog shot other wise all positions I have tried, and I feel sitting on chair by man and lady sitting on carrot is best position because it gives deep penetrating sex and feel an
hello. jjj
I tried every position
hey you your name
this is the position, we haven't tried yet. as because it's 7 months running...... later on weer will r definately try this
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Does your husband apologize if he is at fault?
depends... not always to be honest.
Mine does! Actually he is the one who generally takes the initiative..
Yes, he does. Sometimes, he may take time, but he does meet my expectations. Touchwood! ;)
I live in a small town. I want to surprise my husband on his birthday by wearing a sexy lingerie but there are no shops here. I am embarrassed to buy online. Kya karun?
u can try voonik or clovia app
come on! i think it will be more difficult to buy something at the store than online ;) please do try and check out the various online stores, as they have a far more exciting and sensuous variety
Go ahead and shop whatever sexy you can lay hands on. Online shopping is your private shopping space, and not even in the least where you will feel embarrassed about, since no one in person will ask f
Hey, Buying online is the least embarrassing option as what you shop is the information that just remains with you and when the thing is delivered, it is thoroughly packed and no one gets to know wh
Why does romance vanish after few years of marriage?
The initial days of marriage are something else! They can never come back. As we start living with a person daily monotony sets in. We have responsibilities, worries which somewhere take away the r
maybe because we start living together and come to terms of each and every aspect of our partner? and yes, i believe both the partners are to be blamed. if you try, there are many ways in which you
Because after a few years we start finding the person, the lifestyle become boring. Everything becomes so predictable that you lose interest in things. It is human nature to become bored with predicta
Hahaha.... It is the normal phenomenon. You know how it is when you meet your special someone for the first time. You have butterflies in your stomach and the only important thing in life is meeting
It's only natural for the butterflies to fizzle and the excitement to fade. We settle into daily routine and just don't pay as much attention as the beginning. But don't let the marriage slip away
I am short and heavyset. What kind of sarees will suit me?
Do not wear cotton sarees. They will make you look more heavy. Wear silk sarees instead of chiffon to look in shape and thin. Stay away from printed sarees as they will make you look more heavy and sh
You can go for dark toned georgette or chiffon sarees. Don't wear sarees with very broad and heavy borders. Also avoid wearing fluffy cotton sarees.
My 3-year-old son insists on having besan ka halwa twice daily. It is loaded with ghee. Is it okay to be given twice daily?
hmm....i definitely feel it would be a little too much for your baby to digest. instead of giving him too much on a daily basis, why don't you make the portions small and add lesser ghee? makes ma
May be you can reduce the quantity of ghee and give him twice or give him once a day.
Yes, it may be heavy on his little tummy. But if he asks it two times, may be you can divide the quantity of one portion into two. This way, he too will be happy and you too wouldn't have to worry abo
I am fed up of answering people as to why I still don't have a baby after 7 years of marriage. Doctors say its unexplained infertility but people simply don't seem to get it and give me either sympat
People can really be mean! Don't try explaining them about unexplained infertility as most of them won't buy it. I know its hard to ignore such people but please ignore! If somebody is too nasty, g
Please give recipe for sukha aloo recipe to be given in tiffin.
This one I learnt from my MIL. Slice the potatoes in circles. Make sure it's neither too thick nor too thin. Add dhaniya powder, jeera powder, ginger-garlic-chilli paste, chopped coriander and salt. M
here's something that i make: 1. cut the potatoes in long slices and boil - you can choose to peel or not peel 2. in a pan, add some ghee or butter and add jeera and a few pods of garlic. once the
Boil potatoes, peel them and cut them into pieces. Heat mustard oil in a pan, then add jeera, kauri methi, heeng and then add potatoes. After this add salt to taste and haldi. Cook them till the aaloo