Why is intercourse more painful after giving birth?

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Do you mean right after birth? If so, it has alot to do with the lack of lubrication down there. Your body is recovering from delivery so it's going to be "dry" down there for a while and if you have sex without lubrication, it will hurt. Moreover, as your body is healing, muscles are sore and you will be generally uncomfortable.

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I had a C-section for both of my kids and I thought only mothers who gave birth vaginally would have trouble having sex after childbirth. But I was wrong. I felt really dry, plus my CS wound hurt. The dryness must be because of hormonal changes in the body. Always about the hormones with us women!

I natural birth all my 3kids.. After each delivery, after all the stitches, it will feel pain and uncomfortable when having sex.. But after a few times is much better.. Maybe the first few Sex ask your hubby to gentle abit..

Because its too dry! I have no idea why. But maybe use some lubricant? You can get them at most hypermarkets or pharmacy. KY is a good and cheap brand.

Is it ok to have sex after 3 weeks from c- section but you still have spottings?

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Great question. It only started getting better for me about a year after child birth

Because you are no longer as wet - due to breastfeeding, (I think)

After one year more Comfortable