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If you had to choose, which one would it be: intelligent but not that good looking, or good looking but not that intelligent?
Good looks!! 😝
Definitely Intelligence the good look phases out easily
Hmm, I don't really care what my child looks like so long as they're healthy. So I guess I'll choose being intelligent but not that good looking. Intelligence and a good personality are both attrac
Intelligence over looks for sure! I find intelligence incredibly attractive:)
I really don't want to choose between both but I would go after intelligence over good looks for this question. It can get you ahead in life and intelligence in itself is a charm.
how do i raise a child with good manners?
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as a parents to shower first example is the key to your child's perspective. you a parent is the role model to your child. be good and your child do better.
i think its important to lead by example...kids are watching us all the time. it wont be convincing if we are teaching 1 thing, and behaving in another manner..
start from young, be stern with what you say. and act with what you teach, you are the role model
Lead by example.:)
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Lead by example
In confinement we are told to wear long sleeve clothes, and not sit in aircon room or have the fan switched on. as the cool air will cause wind and cause problems later on. Is this true?
Logically speaking, when the body is weak in general (could be from delivery, from sickness or even low immunity), sitting in a room that's too cold can be quite uncomfortable. Even if you are not in
Looking for best app for my preschooler to download to learn Chinese. Pls recommend.
There are apps like Pleco that allow users to input queries using pinyin, voice commands or handwriting. The text-to-speech function in these apps allows kids to sound out characters. http://www.pleco
Can baby with eczema pierce ears?
My friend pierced her baby's ears and the child has a mild case of eczema but nothing adverse has happened so far. I read that people with eczema should avoid wearing earrings with nickel as those wil
Are developmental growth spurts the same as physical growth spurts?
By developmental growth spurts, I'm assuming you are referring to leaps (or also known as Wonder Weeks). Leaps are related to brain development while growth spurts are periods of physical growth and w
My baby is 3 months old and likes to babble a lot - when I speak to her she seems to be having her a conversation with me. Are we actually talking? Does she understand anything I am saying?
yes! they actually do understand!
continue it this way! Just reply her as though u understand what she is talking! but answer her in proper words and sentences. This way she can also learn!
That's baby way of talking to you. it's their way of expressing and communication. It's too adorable.
She loves your voice and enjoying the way your expression, tone and pitch. My boy just turned 3 months... i can totally relate it. He will also babble sounds and give a loud scream when he is excited.
I think your baby has discovered her voice and is experimenting with it! Though I don't think she can comprehend what you are saying at such a young age, she is likely able to recognize your voice.
Does myopia get worse with age?
The general trend we see in practice is a rapid increase (about -0.75D to -1.00D per year) between 7 to 12 year old children. Between 13 to 16 year old children, it tends to slow down to about -0.25D
Myopia usually stops getting worse by age 20 if good habits are maintained and most nearsightedness stabilizes at a mild to moderate level then.
Any review of Jurong Primary School?
Their highest tscore in psle 2015 was 271
In jurong East area, this is the most popular primary school. Infact I would say to avoid the rest. Jurong primary is known for tamil debate society and soccer cca. Other good schools near by but
When new born baby cries at night does your preschooler get disturbed in sleep? Does he wake up? I m planning to share same room for new born and my 3 year old. How convenient is that? What are draw b
I have a friend who decided to let her baby and toddler son share the same room as well. She did not do this immediately after the baby was born. For the first eight months, her baby was sleeping in h
Depends on how good a sleeper your preschooler is. My friend's 3 year old is such a sound and deep sleeper, it doesn't bother him at all when his parents mobile phone rings or beeps. That being said,