How soon is it safe for intercourse after giving birth?

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Hello, You should wait till the bleeding after giving birth has stopped. Doctors suggest not to have sex before six weeks of giving birth, that is till their post-natal check up. Please go through the link to have a detailed information in this context.

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Hi, I think after three months or so one can have intercourse. But at the same time it is about you are emotionally and mentally prepared for it or not. As for women sex is not all physical, so in this case one may be physically fit to have after say 1 or 2 month but not emotionally ready.

Give it 2-3 months, for both normal and CS delivery. For normal delivery, by that time healed na ang opening. For CS naman, sa una lang may kirot talaga sa tahi pag may movements syempre

3 months to be safe. Normally, there's still bleeding few weeks post partum so it's better for you to wait until the bleeding is gone.

3 months / 100 days..