Whenever i feed my baby, she falls asleep on my hand so i put her down on the bed and the next moment she wakes up. So i will carry her and soothe her again to sleep but when put down she wakes up. Anyone experience this?

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Swaddling helps to lessen the shock of transferring. Swaddle just before the feed, keeping the hands and legs nice and snug inside. Another trick I learned is that when I reach the cot, I’ll adjust the arm that was under the head while I’m still carrying my little one, until only my hand is supporting the head and neck. This makes it easier to remove when I put the head down. If baby is still sensitive to that, I’ve learnt that after placing down, I leave my hand touching the head for a short while more till baby settles, then I slowly remove. Sometimes my LO’s hand escapes the swaddle. So after putting her down gently, before her arm starts flailing around in distress, I hold her arm gently and position it at the side of the head. Apparently it’s very comfortable (judging from both my kids’ experience), and they settle down a bit better.

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Yes when baby just fell asleep they are not sleeping deeply yet so still easy to be woken up. You should hold her for at least 10 minutes before putting her down. You can test if she's sleeping deeply already by lifting her arm up and dropping it and see if it's limp or still solid.

Yes my youngest son. He use to do that till i had him swaddle up till 7 months. Now he can independently sleep without any help or even swaddle..

Yes! Kinda facing something like this too. Drive me nuts sometimes. Would like to hear suggestions from others too.

5y ago

Yes it stresses me out😥

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I use net rocker. Night sleeping in cot. Alternatively, u baby wear her.

Same hahaha guess some babies just likes to be held 🙊