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the flu jab and whooping cough jap.
Has anyone took the jab before? Can share experience. Cause today i took both jab and its killing me. My body is aching plus the place where the nurse jab is still sore even when i already compress wi
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I had to take the day off, and ice the injection area
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i took the wooping chough last time, don't remember any issue
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Oh dear, do see a doctor asap, shouldn't experience such discomfort:(
what is this may I know mommis?
For me I don't have lasting soreness after jabs but for these two vaccines, it was so sore for 2 weeks. But it was so effective. Shared food with my 2yr old sick nephew, not even a sniffle
How to get rid of stains on baby clothes
I have stains on several of my baby clothes due to wet and damp. How do i clean it?
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Maybe can try using Vanish?
Try baking soda with a toothbrush!
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Soak in warm water first with detergent
Yes, do a long soak. Maybe put a small quantity of gentle detergent
You try to soak for a day first? Mine due to wet and I leave it there for a long time maybe few days that's why have it.
skin break out
My 4 months 11 days baby is having skin breakout. Doctor diagnosis is allergic to the sudden change of soap and detergent i used. Any advice to reduce or make it go away..? I tried Physiocream on him
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Have you tried Lovera Magic Jelly? They're on instagram. I use it since newborn. :)
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Do see a pd not the usual gp. Try using cetaphil. And check with the pharmacist for another brand of laundry detergent
Mine LO on face ) : I use warm water to clean
Hi, Please have pure cotton clothes for your baby which covers his body and also please consult the allergy specialist asap
I'd usually dress my child out in light and airy clothing while ensuring that my child doesnt sweat as much in hoping that it'll subside. Using other lotions that is not prescribed by the dr could agg