baby sleep issues

For the past 3-4 days, my almost 11 weeks old girl has been waking up at night almost hourly-- not asking for milk as she falls back asleep immediately when i carry her. Her eyes remain closed throughout as well but fussing/cries. Tried patting her when she wakes up but her cries just get worse... and i would just carry her until she falls into deep sleep and put her down again. About 1h later she w wake again and the cycle w repeat. :( She used to be able to sleep a good 5h stretch each night prior to this, and would only wake up when hungry. What is happening? Any advice?

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It could be wind in tumm or she is feeling cold thus the cuddling and your body warms her or she is growing and they are changing cycle...mood swings, etc...first thing first, get her checked by a paeditrician then move down your list until you find the source of the problem...also check your baby for any red spots or could be bed bugs

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It might be sleep regression. It will pass. Don’t give up mama!

Probably a phase as baby is growing

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Can ask doctor for probiotics


Should be growth sprut.

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Check is it colic

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Check if teething