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Hello mummies, how many times a day do you pump? 🙂
Every 2 hours
As soon as possible, pump 8-10 times every 24 hours. This is how many times each day your baby would typically feed from the breast. In most cases, the more times each day you pump, the more milk you
Every 2 hours for me
Basically every 2 hours the first 6 weeks! Then stopped when milk came in and now I’m 100% latching.
Every 2 hours
Any mummies extra clingy with husband during pregnancy? 🙊
Hey, Yes it happens hahah
extra clingy + extra pissy 😅
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Not really for me. I just need more rest. I guess it’s different for every individual.
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Baby weight
How much did your baby weigh during birth? 😋
4 kilo ... Heavy baby haha
Hello mummies! At which week did you give birth? Normal or by C-sect?
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C sec at 36 weeks.
39.5 wks, normal
36w7d, normal delivery
38w5d normal
39 weeks normal delivery