1 month old baby refuse to sleep

My baby is 1 month old and is having difficulties falling asleep.. she "fighting" her eyes from falling asleep. Is this normal? I will carry rock her.. she sleeps then i put her down she wakes up.. and refuse to sleep.. sometimes struggle n cry too.. till her next feeding time

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My older one went through a period like this and later on we found out he was having colic. Not sure about your baby, you may wanna try: - swaddling as it mimics the womb (this works well for my 2nd one and he gets up easily if not swaddled) - play some white noises to soothe her (seems like it only works for some babies) - check if she's too hot or too cold - could she have been used to being held in adult's arm to sleep? Hope this helps and may you find a solution soon!

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3y ago

you're welcome! oh... last time my older one cried from 12am till 5am... 😅😅😅 and the moment we brought him to see the PD, he stopped crying while travelling in the car. haiyo... that went one for a while and PD mentioned giving him grip water but nothing much helped. 😅 Good that you know that's a timing, at least you can prepare yourself mentally. 😅