what are some words of wisdom/advice you would give to a first time mum? :)

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It's a phase. It will pass soon. Treasure and enjoy it while it last. There is no going back. Carry baby often - they will soon ran everywhere

Motherwood is a beautiful gift ,dont be too hard on yourself you doing a great job already

Remember your own well-being comes first! If you’re unwell, you can’t take care of your baby well! 🤗

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Take with a pinch of salt when elder advising on taking care of the LO. Enjoy the bonding with LO

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'It will pass' There is nothing that a mommy can't do. Believe in yourself

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Enjoy your baby,cherish every second. They grow so fast !

You can do it. New moms I feel always need support and assurance.

Be ready for the new challenging but beautiful journey ahead. Mom

One step at a time, everyday is a learning journey, enjoy!

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Enjoy the process of bein a mum. Learn as we go along (: